Again the glorious Sun awakens millions of human beings from sleep, some to endure pain and severe fatigue, and others to enjoy the paths of pleasure and inaction, probably forgetful, in many instances, of the object of their creation. I find myself in a feeble state of health, which may make my feelings more gloomy than they would be under a different bodily sensation. This day the room for our small stock of medicine having been arranged, these articles were there deposited, which gives me a species of control over this small place, producing a kind of home to which I can repair without distrubing any. The principle part of the day was occupied in adjusting our effects, as well as circumstances would admit. A very small place would contain all we possessed, yet it was not the less necessary they should be set in order, for he who will not attend to a little will neglect much, and probably the judicious management of small sums is the great secret of gaining wealth.

The mind thus occupied through the day found little time for roving on scenes left behind or the probably destiny that awaited in time to come. Still, evening came, and with it those reflections which the silence that accomplanies calculate to inspire tin those situated as I am. Home, friends, and country, in rapid succession, were visitants of the mind. Scene after scene more rapidly presented to view, scanned over for a moment and vanished. A succession of wild fancies, improbably imaginations in a short but agreeable perambulation in the first part of the evening, crowded the intellect. As rapid and as turbulent as the whirlwind, the most glowing pictures formed by various combinations would shine for a moment and then in an instant blank vacancy would fill their place. Returned and after many hours of reflection on the pillow, sweet sleep stole on the mind and closed the organs of vision, and my thoughts, still active, in dreams left to rove through the wild fields of fancy, still more dreadful than when awake.